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You Don't Know Jack About Sunglasses

I received an email from one of our amazing customers that said

"Dear Jack:

We met at the Saltwater Fishing Show in March and we talked about sales and sunglasses at length. I thought that you'd enjoy a recent blog post that I shared with my social networks. Thanks for the inspiration and great rubber coated Wayfarers! I wear them daily."

Here is the blog that he wrote. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

“Yo Duke,” a man barked behind me. “Yooooo Duke,” he bellowed. In a moment of self awareness, I realized that he was yelling at me because of the Duke University sweatshirt that I was wearing. I turned around to encounter a lean, bald man in a crowded trade show booth full of the sunglasses that he and his colleague were hawking. He immediately handed me a rakish pair of wrap-around shades and, seeing my distain, asked what I’d rather wear on my drive home today. He had me hooked; I’m a sucker for a good question.

Through his stream of questions, we talked about the Costa del Mar sunglasses that I wear offshore fishing, about the Oakley Frogskins that I had lost in Montauk last fall, and about what safety glasses I wore at the shotgun range. He now knew how and why I wear sunglasses year round and had already sold me two comfortable pairs – rubber coated Wayfarers that are still my day-to-day glasses and a pair of yellow shooting / driving glasses – for far less than I could buy them anywhere else.

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